May of this year, I had a fun party to celebrate my pregnancy. At first my husband didn’t want na for us to throw a party, but we did and it was such a good decision! I’m here to share with you (wherever you are in your pregnancy) how I planned my baby shower/ gender reveal party with my friends and family.

Because I had a high risk pregnancy, I spent most of my time at home. I really felt FOMO as in having to skip all the festivities outside, so naisip ko okay what if I throw a baby shower/ gender reveal? Sobrang popular right now for this kind of party, but I gave extra attention to mine. Nag start ako actually on my 4th month pa lang, I called on two of my closest friends and my sister to help me out. Sobrang saya because we made a fun monthly tradition to it. Usually we d meet up sa bahay, the girls would come over, we’d order in and we’d talk for hours, sometimes until midnight! 

Planning my party really made feel excited for something during my pregnancy! Plus, I really made sure to have the party on my 6th month. Usually kasi, people hold it sa 8th or 9th month na, pero for the moms it’s going to be hard! Ang hirap to do all the walking, mingling, and partying because she’s almost due na. I think this is actually my first tip! When planning it out, best to hold it on the 6th month. Hindi masyadong malaki yung bump, but it’s visible enough. You won’t have a hard time going around also.

Planning Stage

Because I was so looking forward to the party, I kicked off my plans by of course involving my husband (thank you for saying yes to the party!), figuring out the date, picking out a venue, but more importantly picking out the right theme with my friends and sister. Imagine, we really had to hide the gender for a long time, but I told my sister kasi she is the one assigned for the gender reveal part.

Second tip I have is to go on Pinterest! Madali lang actually to find for pegs, inspiration, and learn from there ano ba talaga yung gusto mo na colors, setup, and the like. I made boards, saved images, and shared everything so we can brainstorm from there. It’s such a fun thing to do! Our monthly meetings became our chikahan time, more like a GNO already to bond and for them to update me also!

For the theme, I really wanted a French-inspired party. I wanted it to look sophisticated. Imagine the French Riviera, lavender fields, gardens, Eiffel tower!


After finalizing the theme, we went ahead and picked the venue. We chose Blackbird at the Nielsen Tower because sakto rin yung look for the theme we’re going for. The ceilings, tables, the overall interiors are nice! You barely have to style it talaga. We paid around Php200k for the place, that’s consumable na for food and drinks. This is my next tip–-food is super important! People raved about the food from Blackbird. It was a 4-course lunch, and the guests really loved it, 5 out of 5, I would recommend. You wouldn’t want your guests unhappy or starving! So, make sure to pick the best.

My friends and sister helped out with the decors and tapping various suppliers, but the highlight would have to be the photo wall with the caricature of my husband’s and my face. It featured the Eiffel Tower plus a baby carrier with the words, Bonjour bebe CUA! The wall really accentuated the venue and added that sophisticated look to everything. We had 2 suppliers for the balloons. One was for the setup in the photo wall and gender reveal, and another one for the helium balloons. 

Aside from that, we also had a French cafe setup that made theme one full circle. Planogram Events helped put it all together! Sobrang trusted supplier of Erik also because they’ve been working together for events for years na. They really got the Parisian-themed look for the venue, and imagine pulling it off with the short ingress time we were given!

For the floral setup naman, I tapped style events company. We paid around Php56k for it. It was so perfect because imagine yung gusto ko na daytime garden in France na look. They achieved it! It had overflowing greenery to match the look.

Pulling Off a Good Program

Of course, aside from the venue, food, the decor, and the like, important din to have a nice program. Timing is everything! Our baby shower/ gender reveal was from 11:00am to 3:00pm. We had mga welcoming activities that made people choose if they think girl or boy yung baby. So whenever someone arrived, they’d pick girl or boy, then my friend would hand them a pink or blue balloon. You’ll see talaga from middle 50-50 yung guess nila! 

In our invite, we put 10am, but the program will start pa talaga at 11am then followed with lunch 12nn. So while people were waiting, we made sure they’d have a lot to do like snacking or drinking aside from mingling around of course. We got Aperitif.PH to set up a dessert table! They are so good talaga! They had strawberries dipped in chocolate, Macaron, and everyone loved the gelato, and Rose slush! Everything was a big hit! 

Now, to make it the program even more fun, we also had some games. My tip here is stick to about 3-4 games lang! ‘Wag masyadong madami because it will be dragging also. For our first game, we had 5 guys wear a balloon in their tummies like make them feel like pregnant moms! Then the challenge was for them to tie their shoes. The second game naman was for the ladies. They had to finish drinking wine from baby bottles! Everyone was having fun talaga.

The third game is my favorite! My tip is to do this also for your baby shower. The idea is that the different tables will be given a moustache to represent my husband, and lipstick for me naman. There were questions then they have guess who said what between Erik and I. Ang saya because it’s also a way for your guests to know na oh si Jam pala yun or si Erik pala! The games were hosted by Joyce and Steph! Special thanks to Steph for being game because I even forgot to tell her!  

Gender Reveal

This is one of the best parts because we’ll be revealing the gender of the baby–finally! My sister was the one who organized this for me. We all went outside sa may lanai area, then my mom in law, my mom, and I had a big balloon with us that we were going to poke. We did it all together and PINK BALLOONS came out! So yes, Erik and I are happy parents to our baby girl!

This was such an important and fun part to the party because we really felt the love from the guests, both family and friends. Everyone was clapping, laughing, and really ang saya talaga the entire thing for us. 

Ready to plan your own baby shower?

So, when you’re planning out your baby shower or maybe your friends and family are planning to surprise you, remember it wouldn’t hurt to share some ideas already! That just makes the whole planning easier. I had a bunch of suppliers, but a lot can be DIY pa rin naman! At the end of the day, what’s important is that everyone enjoys the food, the games, the company, and the reveal portion.

Step one would have to be figure out your working budget and really stick to it! This will help you decide on the venue, the theme, the food, and everything else. Picking out the location of your venue is crucial too! Preferably, find a middle ground for your guests so it’s not so difficult for them. Doing it on a weekend is the best option kasi ang traffic on weekdays plus there’s work also.

So that was my fun, fun, fun baby shower/ gender reveal! Remember na what’s important is you and your husband enjoy, that you guys get to really celebrate the miracle of having a baby.

Special shoutout also to my great friends, who helped me! 

I hope you got bits and pieces to help you with your party!


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