https://youtu.be/VwWritHhMoY Hi guys! As a first time mom, its so hard to leave your newborn even for just a few hours πŸ™ who can relate?? But moms we still have an obligation to our husbands!!! hirap ng life!!! but thats reality, one of my best friends reminded me that i was a wife first before i became a mom and that shouldn’t change even after giving birth. Honestly my husband has been sooooo understanding, as in there were times that we were having dinner and my mind was with Odette or i was on my phone looking at the video camera of her room the whole time. Na guilty rin ako kasi i feel like i neglected him and you know guys its not only us moms who went thru the pregnancy but sila rin!! All those late night cravings, massages and not to mention foot massages!! hahaha he hated…