Get This Look


Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays! Being able to dress up and act like whoever you want to be for one night is so much fun!! I love the process of choosing the character I want to portray and slowly building the costume. My dress was made by a good friend whose a great designer Andrea Tetangco while wig and gloves were bought from amazon. Being Fembot for a night was extremely fun!!

Its my favourite time of the year!!! Finally the holidays are so near I can already feel it, well I definitely feel the holiday traffic but im also soooo excited for the Christmas parties, Christmas decors, exchanging gifts but of course having loved ones over at the house. I loveeee hosting parties at our house because its during Christmas time that we all gather around and spend quality time with family but another plus is to having a chance to use my dinnerware collection haha. I collect dinnerware from all over, I mostly buy from manila but if I have a chance to bring home plates from my travels I definitely purchase one set. I love collecting dinnerware from my travels as it becomes my souvenirs for that trip plus it becomes a great topic of conversation during dinner.

The moment I saw this dress on Vania Romoff instagram I knew I just had to have it!!!!! Okay, I know I might actually have a shopping problem 😭 but what else can I do I can’t help it when I see beautiful things!!!! I always just think I work hard so being able to buy things is my reward but of course I don’t naman bankrupt myself!! hahaha 😳 but when you see a photo of a dress in a store or online then you can’t sleep and have dreams about it ohhhh girl you just know that you NEED this dress hahahahaha well thats what happened to me with this polka dot dress I DREAMT about it so on the day it was released I was literally the first in line to try it and pouf this is the photo of me wearing it and you know what…

House of ital is a home store located at 3rd floor Uptown mall BGC. Its a one stop shop of home products, they have a mix of lighting, mattresses and bed frame, furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures and home accessories. I really like this table with the intricate design for its legs and walnut MDF as the tabletop. The chairs are also in a unique blue fabric with walnut legs the design is Scandinavian style. This dining set will complement any room space and it can fit 4 to 6 chairs.

I just love a day to night outfit like this two set piece from Plains & Prints 25th year collection collaboration with Martin Bautista. I just need to bring my Louboutins and I’m all set to go from work to a night out with the husband. The Lindy bag from Hermes was honestly an impulse buy when I was at the Hermes store in Greenbelt buying a gift for someone but when I saw the color and gold hardware I just couldn’t resist! And honestly, I’ve been using this bag everyday ever since! It’s so handy coz it’s so light compared to Kelly and Birkin bags and it has so many pockets that it’s so useful, this is a definitely must have bag!

My fashion style has always been gearing towards chic fashion whether towards clothes, bags, and everything else always has to have a chic touch to it. So there was no surprise that I would choose this mama’s and papa’s urbo 2 rose gold stroller and carrycot, I just couldn’t resist! The rose gold ughhh and the details of the stroller is just soooo NICE!! I definitely need to have it!!! I’m not sure what they call my outfit but I love this style from Patty Ang – it’s so versatile I can wear it with sneakers or with heels for a date night.

This is my go to casual chic weekend look. I love this dress I got from Rosanna Ocampo. I wore it several times even when I was still pregnant – the fabric is super stretch that its so comfy to wear! I just love layering it with the blue denim jacket to give it a more casual vibe coz the dress is so girly. I stumbled upon the gvn brand while I was at a bazaar in Rockwell and it’s been my favorite footwear on days I don’t want to wear uncomfortable heels but I still want the height for my outfit, in short these shoes can last me the WHOLE DAY!! Of course last but not the least the Dior saddle bag is one of the IT bags last year, it was my mom’s gift to me for my birthday last year and I just love it ❤️️.