I just love “ber” months! It reminds me that my birthday is coming up and the holidays are about to start! What I don’t like is the holiday traffic and honestly im kind of feeling it already, I think people are already starting to do their holiday shopping to beat the crazy December and so will I! So I started looking around gifts to cross out on my naughty or nice list and honestly I’ve been choosing all home items haha. Not sure if its because I’ve been staying at home since June but I think most of my gifts this year will be home items my loved ones can use at home! P.S. I just wanted to include having a glass of wine because OH MY GOD have I been waiting for the moment that I can drink wine again!!! Also I included one of my favorite perfume from Chanel, cause I really missed dressing up and choosing which perfume to use for the day or night. 


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