Having a newborn πŸ‘Ά is really exciting but can also be stressful!! Most especially for first time moms just like me. Im so blessed to have a good support system like my mom and of course my husband whose always there to help me handle the anxiety that comes with giving birth but honestly im so grateful to the extra help of having a midwife. Being a first time mom, I have no idea on how to handle or what to do with the baby, I mean yes of course I read a lot of books well lets be honest watched a lot of videos on youtube but ‘Iba pa din noh’ when its actual na! hayyyyy so much mixed emotions at one minute your so happy then another minute your crying coz your baby crying as in I’ve never been this emotional in my entire life but OMG its the BEST feeling ever being able to hold your baby in your arms I just can’t explain the feeling its pure bliss and I truly thank God everyday for giving me such a blessing. Anyways, so I want to share in this video some products I believe are ESSENTIALS to have as a new mom, most of them I learned from my midwife who taught me on how to take care of a newborn. Grabe I honestly had no idea that a woman’s body would go thru these things after pregnancy especially about breastfeeding. I’m so grateful that I have a midwife who shared with me all her tricks and tips on making the process much easier. Ang Dami kong ‘AHHHH TALAGA GANUN PALA YUN’ moments hahaha cause almost all my assumptions about taking care of a newborn were wrong!!! Dami ko pa talaga need matutunan and of course its always a process. I ll definitely create another video that has more products that I believe are essentials and more tips I learned from the midwife. Hope you guys like this video and please do share also if you have any tips as well!

Products used :
Hakaa https://babymama.ph/products-page/haakaa-breast-pump-100ml/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAtf_tBRDtARIsAIbAKe29Wg789hBJYDCvHGaLNji1ep2Sgw–95Yo2iNA81a2562fgGQoXG4aAoh_EALw_wcB
Mommys bliss Gripe water https://babymama.ph/products-page/mommys-bliss-gripe-water-double-pack/
Pampers premium care https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/pampers-premium-care-extra-large-26-49-lbs-30-pcs-x-1-pack-30pcs-diaper-pants-i216623448-s281958123.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlistcategory.list.19.fccc6a29Pddtcx&search=1
Pigeon yellow bottle https://www.lazada.com.ph/pigeon/


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