I know this is a common dilemma by moms out there, and I went through the same thing while I was pregnant. Syempre, you don’t want anything harsh or too processed to get into your body while you’re pregnant. Great thing I discovered an alternative!

When I was pregnant I wanted to switch as much products as I could to organic ones. It’s not a must, but I just wanted to use safer or less products with chemicals on my skin. So, I switched my hair products, some makeup and skincare. I was at Beauty Bar then the sales lady told me about this new product they have–One Earth Organics! 

It’s locally-made, very affordable, and what really got my attention was the whitening products they sold. I was actually really looking for an alternative to my current deodorant. I use Dove White and Milcu (hahaha yes my mom was the one who referred this to me!). OMG I even used tawas before! Haha! Honestly, I don’t sweat a lot! If you see me sa gym, kahit hirap na hirap na ako hindi parin ako mag sweat as much. Di ko talaga alam why. But that changed when I got pregnant!

My sweat glands were going CRAZYYY, and sometimes my current deodorant just won’t do! So, the sales lady told me about One Earth Organics whitening antibacterial deo-spray. I was scared to use it because I’ve never heard of reviews about it. But I was okay to try spray because sabi mas hindi daw nakakaitim (they say if you use roll on, nakakaitim daw eh). So, I bought the set and decided to give it a try.

It’s a 2-step thing, so in the morning you use the healthy booster serum, and then the deo spray. The serum will help lessen the appearance of chicken skin, and make the skin smoother. Then kapag dry na, spray the deo 4 times. Promise guys! As in, I would be out the whole day and no sweat! This is not a sponsored post! I actually finished 3 bottles already. Haha!

For the nighttime routine, you put the serum then the underarm whitening cream, so no more spray because you wouldn’t need it naman since you’ll be sleeping. I used it for a while but sometimes I get tamad at night. But, I did see a difference! I mean my underarm still changed due to hormones going crazy during pregnancy, but when I follow the routine, it won’t get worse. I plan to start the routine again, and hopefully I can maintain it!

Another product of theirs that I love is the Illumina Whitening Scrub. OMG! Right after I gave birth, I used this every time I shower on my dark areas, and promise I noticed the area getting whiter and smoother. I already bought my 2nd bottle! You can also use it for a long time since konti lang ako maglagay. Lastly, the Wonder Blanche Balm! It’s made from Carica Papaya Extract, and it brightens extra sensitive areas such as the bikini area, groin, and butt. You can also use this for scars. It’s so nourishing and moisturizing plus, it smells soooo good! I can’t get enough of this!

I say go ahead, and try it! It’s really affordable and what I love about this brand is it’s all ORGANIC!

You can learn more about their products here: http://oeorganics.com/ But here are some you should definitely try!

Illumina White Series – Php 1,749

3 steps to naturally lighter skin!  Experience fast and intense lightening effect without the harmful chemicals.

Wonder Blanch Balm – Php 480

It is loaded with skin-friendly organic botanical brighteners that work deep within your delicate skin like butt, groin and bikini area to immediately whiten and even out your dull skin tone. 

Underarm Therapy Complete Set – Php 1,440

The Underarm Therapy Complete Set will lighten, protect, cleanse, and moisturize your underarms. It has anti-chicken skin properties that help correct pores every time you shave, wax, or pluck.


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