My ultimate favorite makeup accessory? Eyelash extensions! Yes, imagine back in high school pa lang, I tried it na. Pero it was difficult pa before because ang tigas ng lash extensions. I guess it was not yet that big of a thing that time. Aside from being hard, mukha pa siyang fake before! Admittedly, it really felt uncomfortable. But a few years ago, I went back to fake lashes, and this is me sharing with you my top 2 go-to places for really nice lashes .

You see, I have chinita eyes. Imagine typical small, chinita eyes. If I don’t curl my lashes, put mascara on, or get eyelash extensions, there is a super big difference. Parang ang sad ng eyes ko, and my face doesn’t brighten up as much as when I do get my lashes done.

Is it expensive? Yes, it’s quite pricey. But for chinitas like me, it’s a good investment kasi it really brightens up the face. I swear, there’s a big difference talaga! Check out the places below for my top 2 lash places.

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty

KIYOSA Japanese Total Beauty is a salon located at the ground floor of the F1 Hotel. Owned by a Japanese, they have a mix of local and Japanese therapists. I think they are one of the pioneers talaga of maganda na paglagay ng lashes. I even heard from my friends who went there after I referred them that they are really happy with their experience. Clients can pick if gusto nila local or Japanese therapists, but the Japanese therapists are more expensive. The big difference is that the Japanese therapists have lighter hands and they are faster. Ang galing because sometimes, within an hour or less, tapos na!

Source: Philippine Primer

That’s a super big deal because nakahiga and all, you want to get out of the uncomfortable position right away. Ang hirap if you’re lying down for a long time, sometimes you fall asleep, then you wake up and hindi pa rin tapos. They have 2 floors–1st floor for nails then 2nd floor for eyelash extensions naman. Their nail services are really good too for nail art. Ang galing nila when it comes to french tips also!

Quick tip

Did you know that the fake lashes fall on their own? I didn’t know either at first! So, don’t rub it, just let it fall like normal hair

I was a Kiyosa girl for 2-3 years because they have a convenient location for me too in BGC. It’s near my office, near my store, so it’s near everywhere for me. Another plus point for Kiyosa is that for the first time, na experience ko yung hindi nakakalbo yung natural lashes ko when the fake ones fall off or pag tinanggal na nila.

At Kiyosa, sobrang daming options on the styles and lengths, but I always get the same length for my lashes. I love the effect it has na it makes your eyes look bigger plus that added pop. Talagang naka-open yung eyes mo. You just have to really take care of your lashes so it lasts longer pa than 2-3 weeks!

NEW Lounge

I found this new lash salon–NEW Lounge. I’m sure everyone has heard of it because it was Heart Evangelista, who first posted about it. She even brought them with her to China! Anyway, they do have a lot of branches, but unfortunately hindi masyadong malapit sa’kin. They have in the south area too. The nearest one is in Greenhills, along Connecticut. Your landmark would be the Lugang restaurant. When I first visited, mahirap pa siya hanapin because wala pa sila signage or anything.

Photo from: Cosmo PH

When you enter NEW Lounge, which is at the 2nd floor of the building, you’ll notice medyo maliit yung space, but it’s clean! They have La-Z-Boys as seats lined up inside. When I found out about NEW Lounge, I was already pregnant so I couldn’t really try yung nail services nila. Overall though, their services are really good. In comparison lang to Kiyosa, iba talaga. In Kiyosa kasi, you’ll feel more special upon entry to your exit, they really greet you. The selling point of NEW Lounge is the quality of their lashes.

They use sable hair for the extensions. If in Kiyosa, soft na, imagine in NEW it’s way softer pa.  Imagine the extensions are like your natural lashes na. It’s really soft and comfortable to wear! The process is also different in NEW Lounge, they put 3 lash extensions for every natural eyelash so normally a full set with them is 200-250 per eye depends on how thick your lashes are, and that’s a lot! In Kiyosa, they put around 70 to 140 in both eyes. You can actually pick if 120, 140, or 160. I’ve done 160 before with Kiyosa and it looks like I have fake lashes na!

With Kiyosa and New lounge, I always do 11 and 12 in length then I mix it up. Minsan 11, minsan 12. But with me kasi, I really like it long. I don’t go for the “natural” look, instead pinapakita ko talaga yung eyelash extension. Some people kasi okay na sila with 10. You’ll also come across different curl styles like C Curl, G curl or Super Curl, or if you want more mascara or natural-looking. I usually get Super Curl 12 in Kiyosa. Minsan masakit pero if it’s your first time, you can always ask them. They are nice and accommodating.

For me, if you will do eyelash extensions, why not do it na lang? Don’t hide it na! You’re there na, so might as well get the most out of it. It will really accentuate your face. With NEW Lounge, you can also pick if you want 9, 10, 11, or 12 in length. You can choose which type of curl. With my photo below, may mascara na yan. I personally would go with Super Curl, I really want that no-makeup makeup look.

In NEW Lounge, they put about 300 lashes on me, which is 150 per eye. That’s twice as much as Kiyosa’s. The only downside of NEW Lounge is it’s super tagal, it takes a minimum of  2 hours to finish your eyes. I really can’t sit still that long tapos nakahiga ka pa. Syempre pag pregnant, ka di pwede yung ganun katagal. But even if I weren’t pregnant, it would still be difficult for me to sit still that long. If you don’t have any problems with that, then NEW Lounge is perfect for you.

So to guide you more on where to go, I made a quick rating for the Service, Eyelash Extension Quality, Longevity, and Convenience of both Kiyosa and NEW Lounge.

KiyosaNew Lounge
Service of Staff5/53/5
Eyelash Extension Quality4/55/5

Service of staff

Kiyosa really has good personal service to their clients. I felt welcome, and kakaiba talaga yung Japanese hospitality. Japanese or local therapist, they really are trained well. This is the edge of Kiyosa over NEW Lounge. I didn’t really have a bad experience naman in NEW Lounge, but my sister did when she visited. One of the other clients had her children with her, and they were playing near my sister’s feet so she felt really uncomfortable and scared that she might get startled tapos matusok yung eyes niya.

Eyelash Extension Quality

This is such a big deal talaga for anyone getting their eyelash extensions. I gave NEW Lounge a 5 out of 5 because sobrang soft and comfortable to wear yung extensions nila. Kiyosa’s lashes are soft, but iba talaga yung sa NEW Lounge.


For Kiyosa, it’s only a 3 out of 5 because in comparison to NEW Lounge, mas mabilis ma-kalbo yung lashes. With NEW’s, it really lasts longer because ang daming kinakabit sa eyes. On the 2nd week, it looks really full. On the 3rd week, may konti na mawawala. It can actually last a month long if alagaan lang with a bit of a retouch.


Kiyosa is a 5 out of 5 for me because of the overall experience. I gave NEW Lounge a 4 because they offer home service too. I’m pregnant right now, and I’m actually giving birth soon. So, I did home service type from NEW Lounge because hindi ko na talaga kaya to go all the way to GH, and lie down that long. I booked at home so I can be comfortable and sleep while they put eyelash extensions on me. It’s more expensive though! I pay around Php5,000 per set. It’s getting a bit harder also to book with NEW Lounge because they’re always full.

Where should you go for your eyelash extensions?

Honestly, I would still go to the both of them. It’s just easier to book with Kiyosa. You can call on the day itself and kaya ka nila isama sa schedule that same day also! I guess they’re being more accommodating given the new competition. Pero, if I can take the 2 hours and go to GH,  I would pick NEW Lounge.

No questions asked, this is my favorite makeup accessory! Kahit walang foundation, walang lipstick, walang anything, just really nicely done eyelash extensions would do the trick! It’s a must for special occasions, beach trips, or any travel.

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty


Number: 0939-915-8888

Location: Ground Floor, F1 Hotel, 32nd Street, Cor. Lane Q, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

NEW Lounge


Number: 0905-338-8941


Quezon City – Courtyard Building, 2nd Floor, SGT. Esguerra Street,

Greenhills – 1503 Connecticut St, San Juan

Alabang – Unit 310 3/F Admirality Realty Corp. Bldg, 1101 Alabang-Zapote Road

Las Piñas – Emerald Green Building Unit E-1 Ground Floor C.V., CV Starr Ave, Philam Village


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