I love bar carts! If I can have a bar cart in each room I would haha not because I love to drink but its so nice to look at kasi and it adds a fun vibe to a space! Bar carts are super in right now, and makikita mo siya everywhere especially in restos, bars, and even at home.

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Imagine having your friends over, fun siya to look at, it’s cute, it’s instagrammable! For sure, they will take photos of it kasi it sets the mood for all your drinking sessions. So, if you want your very own bar cart at home, here are my tips to style it up!

Where to buy & where to put your bar cart

I bought mine in Pottery Barn, and sobrang bagay siya sa entertainment room namin. My bar cart has this parang old world style na chest type. Hindi siya mukhang bar cart, but then it really works with our room! If you open it, you’ll see lahat ng bottles namin, different glasses, and different mixers.

If you don’t have an entertainment room at home, okay lang because it really depends on the size of your place. Remember lang na you really don’t usually put it in the middle of a room. You can put it sa side, by the sofa. It’s an accent. Pwede rin if you put it in the dining room.

Aside from Pottery Barn, you can go to West Elm, Design Story, or even SM Home!

Kind of bar carts to buy

You can buy a bar cart from many places, pero the material really changes the look for your place. In Pottery Barn it’s more rustic yung dating, while in West Elm they have yung more modern looks. When styling your bar cart, the look will depend on the material and size. It can be leather type, marble, wood, stainless steel, brass, or even glass!

You can pick any of the materials naman, but my tip is to scout your place kung ano ba yung bagay as a contrast or complement to style it up. In Design Story in Uptown Mall, they have the leather ones na cute and may wheels. House of ital also has affordable priced shelves that can double as a bar cart. I also super love E.murio bar carts, they are made locally and are made of natural materials and they look so nice!!

In SM, there are plastic options, but if you really want to have yung luxurious vibe, go for stainless steel, brass, leather, and marble, NOT plastic. Sometimes yung wood material can work also. Pick out yung darker shades tapos it’ll be perfect for evening kind of gatherings.

Layer your bar carts

It really depends sa size of the bar cart, but one quick way to really amp it up is through layering. This means na pwede like one layer or 2 layers, and you can even divide your trays based on what you’ll put on it. Your trays can serve many uses. For example, one layer para sa bottles of alcohol, another layer for glasses, and another one for your garnishes.

I’ve seen with other people, they have a big jar and they keep their corks there for the wine, that’s also cute or even caps. Your trays have to have character also! The overall display syempre it differs for boys and girls. Usually for girls, when you have boozy brunch or happy hour, the rose gold handles are nice for the trays. For boys naman, you can pick black or clear.

Use different bottles as display

Really look for nice bottles of different alcohols like gin, scotch, vodka, and mixers. Bottles can really liven it up na iba yung sizes, colors, or even the shapes. Kami when we finish the vodka, we keep the bottle as a display. So it can be transparent, black, or rose gold. There are even vodka bottles na skull yung design niya, it really adds character!

If wala naman bottles, you can add books like hardbound books na parang black, something dark, green or blue. Line them up or stack them with a small accessory like an animal.

You can buy alcoholic bottles from www.boozy.ph they have a great selection and you can order online and have it delivered straight to your home. Goodbye traffic! And Its super convenient. P.S you can use my promo code with boozy.ph and get 150 pesos off entire order with minimum order of 1500 pesos, happy shopping, oh and promo code is until Nov.30,2019 only! If you have no idea which bottles are nice to have, here are some of my suggestions :

  • Having A bottle of champagne is always a MUST!
  • No bar cart is complete without a gin bottle.
Hendricks 700ml
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  • If your feeling a bit adventurous, tequila bottles are always nice to have!
  • If you want your bar cart to feel luxurious or sosyal, you need a nice bottle of scotch!

Accessorize your bar carts

The whole idea kasi of a bar cart is that it’s self-service. Imagine self-service pero sophisticated pa rin yung dating. No need for a maid or bartender to fix drinks. And because self-service, dapat complete yung bar cart. Don’t forget your ice bucket, bottle opener, shaker, corkscrew, jiggers, strainers, and don’t forget your pitcher of water!

I got my pitcher from Pottery Barn also, medyo expensive but it was a good investment for me. You can mix up yung accessories na wood, brass, sometimes stainless steel, maybe even have marble handles.

Make sure to have good mixers and garnishes

Your friends will mix up their own drinks, so you have to make sure complete din yung garnishes nila and mixers. You know how in gin bars there are garnishes that are dry or fresh? Me I like mine fresh actually. These are lemons, cucumbers, mint leaves, and other options. I like this one mixer, it’s Rose Lemonade then you add it to the gin, it’s really good.

Mixers make a big difference. You have to have different options so people can make their own concoctions.

Gin and Tonic Spice Kit
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Invest in elegant glassware

If you want to make it luxurious, you should also have elegant glassware. I get mine from Pottery Barn, may different designs but I chose the Library Collection. You can buy from anywhere, even online like in Nest Manila. Example of a brand is Ocean Glassware. They have another company from the same group that produces crystal glasses. The products are nice and affordable.

Here s a quick guide on what type of glassware you ll need! It actually depends on what drinks you have in your bar cart.

SM Home and Rustan’s also have a lot of collections for glasswares. Make sure na meron ka ng different types of glasswares for wine, scotch, gin, and everything else. The heights also add sass to it.

Add greenery or flowers for accents

You can also add a vase with flowers. Add layering to the style, like tall bottle and a short flower to make it glamorous. You can also add greenery. You’ll see mas fresh and fun yung dating ng bar cart.  Especially on brass and rose gold. Greenery or flowers are fine. Sometimes, pwede rin mag add ng candles. It’s nice to also space out things so people can see the design and how it looks like. Avoid yung masyadong overcrowded with the accessories and accents.

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Having your own bar cart is fun! First thing is to invest in a good one. It’s such a big thing right now. When you have friends over for brunch, happy hour, or dinner, it will give your space a next level thumbs up!


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