Expecting your first baby can be very overwhelming. You have to prepare for so many things, well for starters taking care of a baby!!! In a few more months you are about to bring a baby into this world and wow thats crazy!!! but how to survive the fourth trimester?? 4th trimester is what we call the first 3 months of your babies life because it is really an experience it can be great at times but also anxious. Of course you prepare by reading books or asking advice from other mommies, i actually believe you learn more in the latter one. But one fun thing with being pregnant is having a baby shower!! its the best time to talk to your girls or fellow moms about what to expect and a big plus is you get gifts that your friends think will help you in your journey. You also get to create a baby registry in your favourite baby store, but knowing what to choose is another problem so i decided to do a vlog when i helped my sister pick items for her baby registry with special help from our good friend Angela Encarnacion’s list which i inserted in the last part of the video. Hope you guys like the video!


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