Project Women

Category What is a ladyboss? and how do you define yourself as one? For me, personally i admire ladybosses , for me they are the modern woman being able to balance work and life and not letting certain situations good or bad stop them from pursuing their dreams. I had the chance to interview my good friend and ladyboss GOALS Mrs. Cyndi Fernandez Beltran she owns Moss Manila who is one of the best styling events team ive ever had the chance to work with, she also owns moss manila home a beautiful home and furniture shop. watch the video to learn more about how she became who she is today and how it is to balance work and life . PLUS she shares tips on how to prepare your tables setting for when your entertaining at home with friends and loved ones! WATCH until the end!!!

Hello! My name is Jam Chan-Cua, a 28-year old mom to a beautiful baby girl. I’m married to an amazing husband, and this my newest venture for an inspired life. I have always been in love with learning, whether at work, with my friends, or my personal aspirations! This is a slice of the life I live, hoping to inspire other women to go out of their shells (like me!) to explore, share, and be amazing wherever they are! Apart from my family life, you can catch me interior styling for retail stores as the Creative Director of House of Ital. I curate all the products myself, and I style my stores with a team of designers from our company. I am also the CEO of an e-commerce platform, Nest Manila, where you can buy all things for your home and find design inspiration! This blog will be that…