Browsing hi guys! I attended a Jelly Eugenio masterclass by makeup forever. I saw the class offering when Jelly Eugenio posted on his social media, i was so excited and immediately bought 2 tickets for my sister and i, we both love Jelly Eugenio and i’ve always wanted to attend a masterclass. It was actually really fun, we learned a lot of tricks in doing event makeup and i actually still practice them until now. Thats why i made this video, to be able to share with you guys some things i learned. Not really sure if i was able to recreate the look haha ang layo ng itsura ko from the model lol. I tried my best tho! Hope you guys like it. All products used are from MAKE-UP FOREVER PHILIPPINES my super favorite is the facial mist! MUST BUY!! Hi guys! As a first time mom, its so hard to leave your newborn even for just a few hours 🙁 who can relate?? But moms we still have an obligation to our husbands!!! hirap ng life!!! but thats reality, one of my best friends reminded me that i was a wife first before i became a mom and that shouldn’t change even after giving birth. Honestly my husband has been sooooo understanding, as in there were times that we were having dinner and my mind was with Odette or i was on my phone looking at the video camera of her room the whole time. Na guilty rin ako kasi i feel like i neglected him and you know guys its not only us moms who went thru the pregnancy but sila rin!! All those late night cravings, massages and not to mention foot massages!! hahaha he hated… Expecting your first baby can be very overwhelming. You have to prepare for so many things, well for starters taking care of a baby!!! In a few more months you are about to bring a baby into this world and wow thats crazy!!! but how to survive the fourth trimester?? 4th trimester is what we call the first 3 months of your babies life because it is really an experience it can be great at times but also anxious. Of course you prepare by reading books or asking advice from other mommies, i actually believe you learn more in the latter one. But one fun thing with being pregnant is having a baby shower!! its the best time to talk to your girls or fellow moms about what to expect and a big plus is you get gifts that your friends think will help you in your journey. You… hi guys! Who here gets bored easily with their hairstyles? I DO!!!! haha i normally change my hairstyle at least every 3 months lol and in the process i usually make my hair so dry huhuhu and my wallet empty as well. So i started investing in different types of hair extensions just to be able to fill my need to change my hairstyle every now and then. I invited my one and only sister Joyce Mabanta to join me in this video and it became one of the funniest videos ive ever created. Thanks again sistah!! hope you guys like this video Products used: clip on extensions from tokyo posh red wig from wigaloo (bought from FB account) wigs from HAIR ON POINT Hi guys! I hate packing!!! especially when it comes to packing my skincare ang dami kong kailangan dalhin!!!! So my sister challenged me to spend 2500 pesos on and come up with a skincare travel set. Hope you guys like this video! P.S. you can use my promo code JAMCHANCUA on or the beautymnl app and get P100 off for ever P1000 spend valid until Dec.31,2019 Products used: BIORE makeup remover sheets Huxley secret of the sahara Son & Park beauty water Missha Time revolution moisturizer Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel Waaaaa I finally did it!! I took the plunge and coloured my hair platinum blonde. Never in a million years would I have imagined colouring my hair with such a color. I honestly think that my parents would never approve of this color but its been a lifelong dream and when better to do it than NOW!! Im so excited to share with you guys my hair makeover journey and I hope you guys like my makeover as much as I do! I LOVE SEPHORA!!! i spend hours and hours there i swear i can even spend the whole day in that store and it still wouldnt be enough. So imagine my excitement when i found out that is now available!!!! so for my first purchase i decided to share with you guys my beauty haul. Hope you guys like the video Products used: Farsali rose gold skin mist Farsali glass skin serum Fenty Beauty private island bronzer Fenty beauty killawat highlighter chic freak and boy next door Fenty beauty gloss bomb in fuzzy Fenty beauty diamond bomb how many carats Huda beauty power bullet interview Nudestix entice and pulse Nudetsix magnetic eye color in terra What is a ladyboss? and how do you define yourself as one? For me, personally i admire ladybosses , for me they are the modern woman being able to balance work and life and not letting certain situations good or bad stop them from pursuing their dreams. I had the chance to interview my good friend and ladyboss GOALS Mrs. Cyndi Fernandez Beltran she owns Moss Manila who is one of the best styling events team ive ever had the chance to work with, she also owns moss manila home a beautiful home and furniture shop. watch the video to learn more about how she became who she is today and how it is to balance work and life . PLUS she shares tips on how to prepare your tables setting for when your entertaining at home with friends and loved ones! WATCH until the end!!!

I know this is a common dilemma by moms out there, and I went through the same thing while I was pregnant. Syempre, you don’t want anything harsh or too processed to get into your body while you’re pregnant. Great thing I discovered an alternative! When I was pregnant I wanted to switch as much products as I could to organic ones. It’s not a must, but I just wanted to use safer or less products with chemicals on my skin. So, I switched my hair products, some makeup and skincare. I was at Beauty Bar then the sales lady told me about this new product they have–One Earth Organics! It’s locally-made, very affordable, and what really got my attention was the whitening products they sold. I was actually really looking for an alternative to my current deodorant. I use Dove White and Milcu (hahaha yes my mom was the…